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A surge in demand for Business Driver 4WD training reflects the increasing use of these vehicles in the workplace. We have responded by fine-tuning our training programmes to ensure that drivers are fully aware of their vehicle’s capabilities and differences to standard cars and vans.

Our Advanced Driver Trainers adapt each course to your specific requirements from on road at your location, for drivers who occasionally venture off tarmac, to off road, our LANTRA certified course for serious mud pluggers at one of our carefully selected off-road venues.

Whichever route you choose, expert one to one coaching bespoke to each individual ensures drivers are completely confident in the most challenging conditions. Our RiskTraker ISO27001 certified driver risk management system monitors and stores progress data from fully automated booking through to on screen sign off and certificate of completion, all securely time and date stamped for your audit trail. A Detailed Post Training report provides a scored, risk rating, enabling us to provide a coaching plan and ongoing training, where appropriate.

Video feedback from sessions is an invaluable asset, reinforcing learning and assisting clients in their training review and audit. See a snapshot below from one of our 4WD training sessions which client and drivers are sent as a record of the training received. An example of how we go the extra mile helping your drivers safely operate these vehicles both on the public highway and in off-road environments

See the below video for a demonstration:

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