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4WD Courses

Certified training designed specifically for on and off road 4WD drivers.


Drivers require specialist individual training to understand the risks and capabilities of 4WD vehicles used both off and on road


Business Driver's 4WD courses provide a thorough grounding in the safe operation and handling of 4WD vehicles off and on road

Vehicles with 4WD capability are becoming more prevalent. Due to their unique dynamics they offer both special capabilities and particular risks. Business Driver first assess and then provide for the risk level and development needs of each individual driver. Our courses ensure that drivers are fully aware of their vehicle’s capabilities and differences to standard cars/vans. How to safely operate them both on the public highway and in off road environments is fully covered.

Although many of these vehicles feel more ‘car like’ when driven, they do have special capabilities in some areas, whilst having reduced performance compared to standard cars in others. For example, if the road surface is slippery, the vehicle’s grip will be limited by the adhesion of the tyres to the road, regardless of any 4WD capability.

Our 4WD courses also focus on managing the safe transition from the sealed highway to unmade tracks, or open country. Changes in the vehicle set-up required and driving style, as well as observation approach, will be covered.

Business Driver offers TWO specific 4WD courses in addition to a specialist course in Winching operation. Drivers who use 4WD in extreme off road situations should book the 4WD Off Road (LANTRA certified) course. Click below for detailed information on each: