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C1 Vehicle Licence Acquisition and Refresher Courses

Intensive training designed for those who either require a licence to drive a category C1 vehicle or need to refresh their skills.


Drivers need training to pass the DVLA test to drive C1 class vehicles, or may be starting to drive these vehicles again and need familiarising


Business Driver's C1 courses are geared to licence acquisition and focus on passing the test and developing the key skills required to drive C1 class vehicles

Company drivers who require a licence to drive a category C1 vehicle (up to 7.5 tonnes gross mass loaded) are a higher risk due to the key differences between these larger vehicles and others they may have driven. This course is designed to train your drivers to confidently pass the DVLA C1 test.

If your drivers passed the C1 test some time ago and are required to drive these vehicles again, our Refresher Course is the perfect way to familiarise them with all aspects of C1 driving. The course reinforces the key skills required and examines the unique features of C1 vehicles and the risks involved in driving them.