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Ensure your Driving at Work Policy is ingrained in all your drivers.

You’ve probably spent a great deal of time compiling your Driving at Work Policy document. It is therefore essential that all your drivers, new and old, fully understand its contents. RiskTraker’s Driving at Work Policy Quiz is built around your bespoke Driving at Work Policy document and comprises of a simple, yet thorough, online questionnaire to assess drivers’ overall competence and their understanding of your Policy.

Having undergone a licence check to ascertain legal status, your drivers are ready to prove they understand what is required to drive safely while on company business and beyond. The Driving at Work Policy Quiz ensures that your drivers certify that they have read and understood your Driving at Work Policy, consolidating their legal responsibility. On completion, each driver is awarded a certificate and records of all Quizzes undertaken by drivers are kept within RiskTraker‘s Driver Database.

The Driving at Work Policy Quiz can also open the door to a wide range of training interventions, particularly if the Quiz indicates that a driver’s knowledge falls short. RiskTraker® can suggest a driver undertakes further Online Assessment/E-Learning, or Business Driver can arrange further training from a wide range of On-Road Training and bespoke courses.