Business Driver is a leading UK global provider of Practical Driver Training & Risk Management Solutions

Familiarisation and induction courses

These courses are designed to support new joiners who will be driving as part of their role, and existing drivers who require training with new technology or to refresh their skills.

New joiners are a high risk as they need to quickly understand your Driver Safety Policy and could be young and/or inexperienced drivers. Meanwhile, experienced drivers can benefit from our refresher or extended skills courses. For those new to driving in the UK, familiarisation courses are essential and, if required, can be expanded to take drivers through the requirements for the UK driving test.

Members of your business driving fleet may be:

  • Younger than average or inexperienced
  • Unfamiliar with your fleet vehicles
  • New to vans / PHEVs etc

Key benefits:

  • Business Driver are specialists in training new joiners and managing the risks that they may pose
  • Our courses are fully bespoke and can be designed to incorporate your Driver Risk Management Programme
  • Course can include a mixture of classroom seminars and practical in-vehicle sessions

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