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  • Fatal Collision Inquiry: Glasgow bin lorry crash 2014

    The final report has now been published of the Fatal Collision Inquiry into the deaths of six pedestrians in Glasgow in December 2014, when a bin lorry veered out of control, mounted a pavement and crashed. The main focus is on the fitness of the individual driver, but it is interesting to note the recommendations made to Glasgow City Council (the employer) which include:

    • Drivers should not be allowed to start work before references are checked
    • Employment processes should be reviewed with a view to improving checks on medical and sickness absence information
    • All crews should be given basic information about the steering and braking controls of vehicles
    • Routes should be planned to minimise the number of people at risk in the event of an incident
    • The fitting of AEBS to vehicles should be considered
    • Risk assessments should consider the risk to pedestrians along driver routes.

    “‘Guidance, including a list of relevant conditions, can be found on the DVLA website: www.gov.uk/driving-medical-conditions. Drivers can contact DVLA if they are not sure what to do. They can consult their doctor if they are in doubt or if they are in need of advice’.”