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  • Nearly 7,000 Drivers with 12 or more points, still legally on Britains Roads

    According to the DVLA figures, released following a Freedom of Information request, some 2.9 million drivers across the UK have points on their licence.

    Of these, a total of 6,884 drivers with 12 points or more are still legally driving on Britain’s roads – the usual limit before a driver is issued with a driving ban, unless a court accepts a submission of 'exceptional hardship'. That’s according to data obtained by online licence verification specialist dh Licence Check, which says the results show the importance of carrying out thorough licence checks

    Analysis of the data also reveals regional variations: more than 235,000 people across just seven towns and cities in Scotland have at least one point on their licence and at least 400 drivers in Yorkshire are known to have 12 or more points.

    This is in contrast to areas such as Exeter, in which only one in 50 licence holders - or 17,830 people - have at least one penalty point.

    The data uncovered demonstrates that no one can be complacent about the roadworthiness of drivers. This is particularly essential for businesses that have people on the road as part of their job.

    The importance of carrying out vigorous licence checks is not just about monitoring any penalty points accrued, but also to ensure all workers have the correct licence for the vehicle they are driving, this is one of the hidden dangers often overlooked by employers.