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  • Over half of drivers are not aware of current drink-drive limits

    The survey revealed that 63% of road users could not identify the legal limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood in England and Wales.
    The survey also looked at a range of other offences:

    • 40% of drivers were not aware of the speed limit for a standard car on a dual carriageway (70mph unless posted otherwise).
    • A fifth of drivers had no idea that you can receive an automatic 3 points and a fixed penalty fine if you are caught using your mobile whilst driving.
    • 20% of people were not clear on the rules regarding smoking in vehicles.
    • 53% were entirely unaware that not having the correct address on your driving licence could lead to a fine of £1,000.

    A partner at Rothera Dowson said about this survey "It has revealed some very worrying results. There seems to be a lack of education when it comes to drink-drive limits and speed limits so it is vital that moving forwards, drivers take the time to understand the laws of the road.

    "The government has a responsibility too. Motoring law is an area that is still constantly developing with the arrival of new technologies and challenges so any changes to the law must be well communicated.

    “There are obviously glaring safety concerns here. We must collectively take action to reinforce the laws in place to ensure all drivers are safe on the road.

    “Despite the worrying results, 72% of respondents did correctly identify that women have a better percentage pass rate for their theory test and the majority of people realised that speeding was the number one offence committed by drivers in the UK.”