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  • Two-thirds of motorists are less inclined to do business with companies whose drivers are unsafe or discourteous

    The survey, which addressed more than 1,000 British consumers, found that van drivers were the least likely to be considered the safest or most careful road users, with only 3% of respondents selecting them in this category.
    High performance and sports car drivers 4%, taxi drivers 8% and truck drivers 8% were also in the bottom four.

    This suggests that British businesses need better support to help improve standards and create better public perceptions.
    Business owners may find the results of this survey surprising, the extent to which poor driving standards can impact on their company image is not always considered. By improving how they are perceived on the road, businesses can establish themselves as responsible brands worthy of consumer trust.


    Vehicle types associated with the safest most careful drivers: Vehicle types associated with the most polite or courteous drivers:
    Small/compact cars 27% Small/compact cars 26%
    Saloon cars 23% Saloon cars 18%
    Bus/coach 17% Bus/coach 13%
    Luxury car 10% Luxury car 8%
    SUV/4x4 9% Taxi 6%
    HGV/trucks 8% HGV/trucks 5%
    Taxi 8% SUV/4x4 4%
    High performance/sports car 4% High performance/sports car 3%
    LCV/vans 3% LCV/vans 3%