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  • Distracted by your phone?

    Apparently not as 57% of drivers said they felt in control whilst using their phone

    A survey by Motoring.co.uk of almost 1,200 drivers revealed some interesting insight into driver’s own views about distracted driving.

    Terry Hogan, managing director at Motoring.co.uk, said: “We understand that mobile phone use is a huge part of our everyday lives, but it’s evident from this survey that drivers underestimate how much they are distracted by them. This may come as a worry to firms that rely on a fleet of drivers to carry out their business.
    “It’s clear that better driver education is needed, as well as harsher penalties.”

    A Government proposal – to be consulted on in 2016 – will seek to address this by increasing penalty points for using mobile phones when driving from three to four and raising the fine from £100 to £150.

    The statistics:

    57% of drivers admit to feeling just as “in control as normal” when using their mobile phones while driving

    43% of motorists would not hesitate to use their mobile phone while behind the wheel

    72% of people take the time to use their phone while stopped in traffic or at lights

    59% of drivers use their mobile phone during normal driving

    44% of people use their phones at low speed

    24% use their mobile phones while travelling at high speeds on the motorway

    15% of people admitted to answering calls directly on a hand-held phone

    24% of drivers check SMS directly on their phone

    16% of motorists check emails or notifications on a hand-held phone

    31% of people see someone using a mobile phone while driving during the majority of their car journeys

    30% of drivers feel that mobile phone usage while driving has become more prevalent over the past 12 months

    38% think mobile phone use while driving has stayed on the same level

    2% of people are of the opinion that mobile phone usage in the past year is much less prevalent