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  • Would you feel happy sleeping while your car drives you to work?

    Autonomous cars are being reffered to more and more, is our future shaping up to be something like AI the movie… It’s fast becoming a reality with industry giants such as Renault and Nissan pledging their aims to have at least 10 fully autonomous cars on the roads by 2020, shell have unveiled their eco friendly driverless car, that’s without forgetting, Tesla and Google to name but a few more as well BMW and Ford who are working on their own versions. In addition, more than half of new cars sold already have autonomous safety technology on board. The future is here.

    A recent survey gives us an idea of how drivers feel about the “future”, more than a quarter of motorists (26%) said they’d feel comfortable enough to sleep while being driven by an autonomous vehicle.
    Other pursuits that came high on the list of how to occupy your new found free time included watching programmes, browsing the web and chatting with others.

    Drivers were asked what type of journey they would feel happy or willing to relinquish control to the car, out of almost a thousand respondents, nearly a third (32%) said motorway journeys would be the best on which to have a self-driving car.

    In addition, 18% stated that city driving would be great to hand-over’ while almost half (49%) said the car could drive for them in traffic jams.

    Overall, the study found that the majority of drivers still do not trust the technology behind driverless cars.

    Almost half (45%) said they found the idea of a car that is capable of taking over the entire driving process very unappealing, while more than half (51%) said they would feel unsafe or very unsafe behind the wheel of a self-driving car.

    The biggest concern among drivers was that an autonomous car would not be able to avoid an accident, with a third (34%) citing that as their biggest reservation. However, nearly as many (30%) said that their biggest worry was about losing the enjoyment of driving.