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  • Tailgating – Too Close for Comfort

    Tailgating – Too Close for Comfort

    The aggressive and intimidating habit of tailgating, which results in approximately 1 in 8 road casualties, is now the subject of a new road safety campaign.

    Highways England have recently launched the ‘Don’t be a Space Invader – stay safe, stay back’ campaign to highlight and combat the dangerous and ever-increasing practice of tailgating. Studies have shown that drivers who are the victims of tailgating suffer emotional stress, which can reduce concentration and increase the likelihood of errors and possible tragic consequences.

    The cost of tailgating, apart from the obvious should an incident occur, could be a £100 fine, an increase in insurance premiums and further prosecution.

    At Business Driver we always impress upon our clients the importance of leaving at least a 2 second gap between the car in front, which should be doubled in wet weather. Should you be the victim of tailgating, avoid speeding up or slowing down unnecessarily, remain focused and drive normally, indicate clearly and allow other vehicles to overtake.