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  • Focus on Defective Eyesight

    Focus on Defective Eyesight

    Every day thousands of drivers get behind the wheel despite having defective eyesight. To address this, the police in some areas are carrying out random roadside eyesight tests, and any driver unable to read a number plate clearly from 20 metres (65 feet) will have their licence revoked immediately.

    It is estimated that up to half of drivers currently on the road are unaware of the legal distance at which a number plate must be able to be clearly read. Furthermore, many continue driving despite having been told by opticians that their vision is below the required standard.

    Having obtained a licence, it is a driver’s responsibility to inform the DVLA if they have a problem with their eyesight. Ignoring the issue is obviously a significant danger to road safety, not only for the driver but for everyone in their vicinity. Revoking of licences can also be followed by prosecution in some cases.

    All Business Driver’s clients must carry out the 20m eye test before commencing any of our courses. If they require glasses in order to fulfil the test, they must wear them when driving. Be safe and get your eyes tested if you’re unsure.