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  • Too Old to Drive?

    Too Old to Drive?

    A new survey has revealed that more than 40% of UK drivers support an age cap on driving, with 83% believing there should be annual safety checks for older drivers

    This comes after Prince Philip was involved in a traffic collision injuring three people in January, at the age of 97, and was then spotted driving without a seatbelt just a few days later.

    The resarch revealed that more than four in ten motorists believe there should be an ‘upper limit’ on age, at which point drivers would be forced to surrender their licence.

    The study found that 40.5% of British drivers believe an age limit should be enforced on driving licences, while more than four-fifths (83%) said there should be annual safety checks for older drivers in the UK, following Prince last month. This comes after the site surveyed its one million users and 12,000 garages.

    On top of this, the survey also found that more than a third (34.5%) of respondents thought that this law should come in after drivers turned 70, while nearly 20% supporting the law coming in for 60 or 65-year-olds.

    Following the survey, WhoCanFixMyCar.com is now asking members of the public to submit their opinions on the subject, after the news that Prince Philip has surrendered his driving licence. The site is asking members of the public whether the government should reconsider the laws surrounding older drivers.