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  • Fast Food Drivers, slow down!

    Motorists who hit the drive-thru on the way home from work might be unknowingly risking a hefty fine — and could even lose their licence.

    Grabbing a cheeseburger, picking up a coffee or even paying at the pump could see drivers hit by a £1,000 fine and six penalty points due to mobile phone laws.

    If motorists pay using their phones at a drive-thru, they’re automatically breaking the law by using their handheld devices behind the wheel.

    And for drivers who have been qualified less than two years, this punishment could see them stripped of their licence before they’ve even finished their fries.

    As the RAC explains in its handy guide, “if your engine is running, your phone should be nowhere near your hands. This is still the case if the engine stops automatically to save fuel (called ‘start-stop’ technology).”

    And the penalties can be applied whether you’re on a public road or private land with free access to the public, such as fast-food restaurants and drive-thru coffee houses.

    Remember, don't drive distracted.