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  • Electric Vehicles Growth in UK


    With the UK market for EV and PHEV vehicles showing double digit growth to 6% of the total market , we focus on some of the benefits.

    The obvious environmentally friendly aspects of electric cars are, relatively low pollution not only from emissions, but also from noise, they are very quiet.

    Although electric cars are often more expensive up-front, than fuel-powered vehicles, you can save money on running costs, with the average cost of charging your car at home around £4.50.

    Maintenance is less frequent and less expensive than petrol or diesel. Less moving parts means less to maintain and consequently less chance of routine breakdowns. Oil change and gaskets etc could be a thing of the past.

    The one exception could be the battery!

    As well as spending less on powering their vehicles, electric cars are also currently exempt from road tax meaning yet another saving for eco-friendly motorists.