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  • Business Driver Launch in Session Video Recording

    BusinessDriver announce the launch of our latest Advanced Driver Training innovation, In Session Video Recording.

    In line with our ongoing strategy of continuous road safety improvements, enhanced by technology, Business Driver will not only deliver detailed consistent and detailed Post Training Reports and Certificates of Training after each On Road Session, but also a short video taken at the end of the training session. This will demonstrate the key learning points as that the Training Consultant has agreed with the delegate and show them in action.

    For example, if the safe navigation of a roundabout is one of the key learning points, then the video will show the delegate demostrating their new found behaviours, techniques and tips.

    The delegate will receive a SMS message with a link to view the video, this will also be sent to the employer as agreed. The video will be securly stored against the individual training records on the secure RiskTraker booking adminstration system.

    For more infomation about BusinessDriver's risk management programs, contact us at info@businessdriver-uk.com