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Parking and Monoeuvring Utilising Inflatable Cars

This course increases delegates’ competence and confidence by reinforcing safer parking and manoeuvring skills.


With an average 90% of fleet incidents involving vehicles attributed to slow speed manoeuvring and a significant number of drivers conceding they find parking a challenge, the need for professional training in this area is undeniable. 


Business Driver provides stress free, professional training helping to significantly reduce costly and time-consuming incidents.


Our Parking and Manoeuvring course employs a unique and highly acclaimed inflatable cars system. Highly experienced DSA registered Advanced Driver Trainers coach and reinforce safer parking and manoeuvring skills, ensuring delegates complete the course competent and confident in parking perfectly.

Business Driver have developed the course to be particularly relevant for company vehicle drivers and people who drive their own cars on company business. The course generally takes place in your company car park, and can accommodate up to 40 delegates in a day, making it efficient and cost-effective. It can also be included as part of a team building or safety exercise.

Key coaching points include:

  • Defensive parking strategies
  • Reverse parking techniques
  • Speed, approach & angle
  • Use of mirrors
  • Managing blind spots
  • Awareness of others, particularly vulnerable road users
  • Parallel parking
  • Use of driver electronic parking aids
  • Van and truck specific parking (as required)

The coaching sessions also address optimum ergonomic driving position and safety aspects such as tyres. The course can also be combined with seminars in vehicle training and other Business Driver programmes.