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Post-Collision Courses

Specialist training, support and aftercare for drivers involved in collisions.


Drivers involved in major or minor collisions need support to reduce future risks and rebuild confidence levels


Business Driver's Post-Collision courses offer individual remedial support to address drivers' behaviour, confidence and attitude

The repercussions of a collision are far reaching. Business Driver recommend that any driver involved in a fault or non-fault RTC is assigned to a Post Incident Course within 45 days of the incident. Our Post-Collision courses provide aftercare following a collision, reducing driver risk and supporting confidence levels. In line with your Duty of Care as an employer, supporting your drivers in their return to work and driving post collision is a key element of your Driver Risk Management programme.

Our courses focus on the individual needs of the driver after a collision, taking a remedial approach to support the driver with their:

Business Driver offers TWO specific Post-Collision courses. Click below for detailed information on each: