Business Driver is a leading UK global provider of Practical Driver Training & Risk Management Solutions

Detailed written and video feedback assessing and reinforcing learning and ensuring legal compliance.

Post-training reports are an essential part of driver risk assessment for employers and a key factor in reinforcing what delegates get taught. Reports are compiled by our trainers immediately after the session and provide a high level of detail of every individual performance.

All our reports reflect our consistent quality approach. They contain a written summary of the session, a detailed breakdown of all the risks identified and a risk rating in each of 10 key categories. As such, they form a highly detailed driver risk assessment for Fleet and HR Managers and, for delegates, a thorough overview of training undertaken and any follow-up action required, including access to other relevant courses.

All delegates receive post-training reports and personalised certificates of course completion.


In addition to detailed written reports, Business Driver training delegates receive our unique video feedback in which trainers capture and provide a commentary on key aspects of driver behaviour that need improvement. Both video feedback and post-training reports are integrated into RiskTraker’s secure Driver Database, and can be configured to be emailed to any nominated stakeholders.