Business Driver is a leading UK global provider of Practical Driver Training & Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management

Driving at work is probably the most risky activity your employees undertake. More than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work. (Department for Transport figures).

Whatever the size of your organisation, you have a requirement to manage risks to the health and safety of your drivers and other people who may be affected by their work activities. Business Driver works with you to help manage these work-related risks by identifying and assessing driver risk status and delivering the most effective targeted training interventions based on their individual needs.

All our programmes are competitively priced, developed and delivered by our In-house team of qualified and experienced, advanced driver trainers.

Our all-inclusive approach to driver risk management is monitored by RiskTraker, a unique system developed to provide instant, seamless and secure access to your data.


Our driver risk status assessment is deployed instantly, online. Drivers’ provide ‘E-Permission’ which confirms they have read and understand the Driving at Work Policy, which can be your own or a bespoke version of our comprehensive policy. Driving licence details are checked instantly with DVLA via our ISO27001 secure system, highlighting any inconsistencies. We have developed a 10 point, multi-choice, online questionnaire which is customised to your Driving at Work Policy. All drivers complete this, helping to assess their eligibility and risk status, targeting appropriate training interventions.

Our RiskTraker vehicle profiling assesses all of your vehicles, including grey fleet, for legality and roadworthiness.


In addition to driver risk assessment, the 10 point ‘quiz’ ensures your drivers understand and have agreed to comply with your Driving at Work Policy. All your drivers receive this in a PDF format. This demonstrates your compliance and creates an audit trail, mitigating your driver risk.


Business Driver assesses the risks posed and faced by your drivers and recommends appropriate interventions. Our all-inclusive approach to Driver Risk Management enables us to provide a comprehensive range of interventions which include fully automated online e-learning, on-road or in-vehicle training, or a combination of all three.

We are aware that each client has unique aspects to their business and our in-house resources enable us to supply bespoke packages adapted to individual situations including targeted training such as defensive driving and driving in adverse and hazardous conditions.

Our approach to work-related road safety measurably reduces risk, with an average 30% reduction of incidents, and can also result in:

•  Fewer injuries to drivers
•  Less stress and improved morale
•  A reduced risk of work-related ill health