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Advanced Safety Systems

This course coaches the safe operation of, and appropriate driver behaviour for, vehicles with advanced safety systems.


Drivers of semi-autonomous vehicles often require familiarisation with their advanced safety features and coaching for the safest way to operate them and maximise their benefits.


Business Driver’s specialist course offers practical knowledge alongside hands-on assessment to ensure safe operation of these types of vehicles at all times.


Semi-Autonomous vehicles with advanced safety systems are developing at a rapid pace, offering drivers a multitude of active and passive safety features. This course ensures that your drivers fully understand these enhanced safety capabilities and how to maximise their benefits. Driver distraction and overreliance on such systems is also addressed, with the aim of ensuring that the driver is safely in command of his or her vehicle at all times.

This course focuses on the safe operation, features and benefits of advanced safety systems, whilst retaining a key focus on the individual driver’s:

In addition to outlining the advanced safety systems of delegates’ vehicles, the course includes demonstration and assessment drives for a hands-on approach to understanding the risks and benefits of semi-autonomous vehicles.