Business Driver is a leading UK global provider of Practical Driver Training & Risk Management Solutions


The driver fleet management system which integrates driver profiling, assessments and training, instantly and securely.



Implementing work-related road safety internally can be costly and inefficient.



RiskTraker is the complete solution for coordinating all of your driver fleet data, seamlessly, securely and instantly.

It is incumbent on companies to manage work-related road safety. This includes undertaking risk evaluations – a legal requirement for companies with 5 or more employees. These can be time consuming, costly and often confusing.

Business Driver has the experience, skills and knowledge to address all aspects of fleet management in one stress-free environment. Our RiskTraker ISO27001 certified driver risk management system identifies the hazards drivers face, who might be harmed and which drivers are at greater risk. It has been developed in-house to seamlessly connect DVLA licence checks with driver risk assessments, practical training records, vehicle data and road incidents,all on our secure server.

A simple, online questionnaire helps assess driver competence and suggests intervention where it falls short. Subsequent training can be online, on-road or in-vehicle, including targeted training such as defensive driving techniques. We also have In-house expertise to address bespoke training for drivers who regularly encounter hazards and adverse weather conditions.

RiskTraker ensures drivers are instructed in how to keep themselves safe while on the road, aware of the need for routine vehicle safety checks, of relevant legal and medical issues. RiskTraker even helps manage the maintenance schedule of your fleet and keeps you up to the minute with your duty-of-care obligations.

RiskTraker gives instant access to the following data:

Driver assessment status
Driving licence status
Fleet training status
Driver training status
Self-certified grey
fleet vehicle information
Self-certified copies of vehicle documentation
Self-certified collision information