Business Driver is a leading UK global provider of Practical Driver Training & Risk Management Solutions

Driver Training

Meet all of your duty of care obligations with our complete and flexible driver assessment and training package.



Employers have a Health and Safety obligation to demonstrate that they have undertaken regular checks on their drivers and taken remedial action where necessary.


Business Driver ensures you meet your duty of care obligations whilst keeping your drivers safe on the road.

How does our Driver Training work?

We start by assessing the risks posed and faced by your drivers. We then provide a range of interventions which include online, on-road or in-vehicle assessments, or a combination of all three:


Our online assessments are available 24/7 for your maximum convenience. Based upon information received, we provide a three-tier rating: low, medium or high risk, and then suggest appropriate interventions.


On-road assessments take place with one of our fully trained assessors. This provides the opportunity to interact and discuss with the driver as they follow a set pattern of predetermined situations. This engaging approach is tailored to each driver’s individual requirements.

In-vehicle monitoring

Observing a driver in their day-to-day duties can be invaluable. This approach allows one of our fully trained assessors to produce an impartial report based upon the situations encountered by the driver during their working day.

Why choose our DriverTraining?

Our training forms a complete, flexible package that can be tailored to any individual driver’s requirements. All assessments and interventions are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced advanced driver trainers.

Business Driver is a market leading and trusted supplier of driver risk management services to a number of blue chip companies. Our key measure of success is collision reduction, currently averaging at 30%. Contact us now to find out how we can reduce your costs and help keep your workforce safe.

All Business Driver solutions are driven by the powerful RiskTraker application, developed in-house by our team of driver monitor experts.