Business Driver is a leading UK global provider of Practical Driver Training & Risk Management Solutions

Specialist Driver Training

Bespoke training for professionals working in adverse and hazardous conditions.



How do you ensure your drivers are legally compliant and adequately trained for driving in extreme conditions?



Business Driver are market leading experts in bespoke training programmes for all kinds of extreme conditions worldwide.

Business Driver have the skills, knowledge and experience to advise and train for all types of vehicles and adverse conditions worldwide. From ski resort representatives to chauffeurs, Business Driver have developed unique training solutions for the challenges drivers face both on and offroad.Our dedicated teams devise and deliver programmes which can be implemented on the public highway or on closed roads. We have access to airfields, tracks and specialist 4WD off-road facilities across Europe and the USA.

We work closely with our clients to deliver the training that fits their needs, across all types of vehicles and exposures to risk. Our ultimate goal is to keep drivers safe at work at all times, no matter what the conditions.

We can also help with compliance, assisting with UK license acquisition for non-UK license holders and advising on legal matters.

Some of our bespoke programmes include:

  • Closed road driving and high-security sites
  • Winter preparation and training (closed road)
  • Specialist ski rep in-resort driver training packages (France, Italy, Switzerland and Canada)
  • Parking and low-speed manoeuvring including programmes with our inflatable cars
  • Towing, training and licence acquisition (B+E)
  • 4WD on and off road programmes (LANTRA certified)
  • Chauffeur training
  • UK familiarisation for non-UK based drivers
  • Familiarisation for UK drivers working overseas
  • Semi-autonomous vehicles, driver behaviour with electronic driver aids
  • Post collision training - minor & major
  • Driver anxiety & phobia support
  • Electric and autonomous vehicle training and familiarisation


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