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Group Training Seminars/Webinars

A cost-effective and efficient programme that will prove invaluable to even the most experienced drivers.



You need to update and refresh your driver fleets' safety knowledge and skills but are wary of the financial impact of lost time.



Business Driver’s Group Training is a cost-effective way of instructing all of your driving team together in a single interactive, classroom-based session.

Business Driver deliver engaging and informative courses covering all aspects of driver behaviour. Sessions last from 90 minutes to a half-day and can be integrated with team meetings and conferences at any location of your choice, thus minimising your driver fleet’s off-road time.

Our sessions are highly instructive and motivational and delivered with the aid of state of the art equipment. Our advanced driver trainers, many of whom are retired police traffic officers, are acknowledged experts in their field. They comprehensively cover all aspects of driver behaviour, focusing on driver distraction, speed and seasonal risks. Even the most experienced drivers will find our sessions an invaluable refresher, particularly with regard to legal issues and seasonal driving tips. Classes can contain up to 30 delegates and are useful for drivers who aren’t comfortable with online training.


For businesses who find it difficult to assemble all of their drivers in one location Business Driver have devised Group Training Webinars. These training courses are between 90 minutes and 3.5 hours and accommodate up to 30 delegates providing interactive, online training available on multiple terminals. Our webinars cover all the subject matter of our classroom seminars and have proved to be a cost-effective and motivational method of improving and refreshing your driving fleet’s skills.

Group Training Seminars and Webinars have been validated as part of our RiskTraker programme which is currently reducing collisions by an average of 30% across our clients.



“Please extend my gratitude and deep thanks and appreciation in my practical driving assessment with Berty. When meeting him and getting to know him he was warm, courteous and highly professional. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and gained a deepened understanding of further driving techniques. Berty is an asset to your organisation.”

SP, Apprentice Telecoms Engineer


“Hi, just a quick message. Dave deserves great recognition as I feel he provided me with excellent Business Driver Training! 10/10.”

JG, Water Engineer