Business Driver is a leading UK global provider of Practical Driver Training & Risk Management Solutions

Electric & Plug-in Hybrids

Driving and familiarisation programmes for the safe and efficient use of Electric or PHEV vehicles.



With a surge in the use of PHEV’s due to improvements in technology and taxation benefits, how do I ensure safe operation and maximum efficiency of these innovative vehicles?



Business Driver’s comprehensive PHEV training programmes ensure drivers operate these vehicles safely, confidently and efficiently.

EVs & PHEVs, embracing the latest technology in driving fleets

With EVs &PHEVs increasingly introduced as a part of modern driving fleets of cars and vans, it is crucial that drivers receive expert training in the unique operation, maintenance and driving strategies required to maximise safety and efficiency. Our comprehensive half-day training course is delivered on a one to one basis in order to address individual driver’s requirements. In addition to vehicle familiarisation and in depth, on road coaching, delegates receive instruction in maximising range, charging strategy and maintenance.

Key features included in this programme:

  • Active & Passive safety systems
  • Pedestrian safety, how to manage
  • Daily Vehicle Check protocols
  • Impact of regenerative braking on driving range and style
  • Realistic vehicle range and how to optimise
  • How and where to charge, home charging unit and different fast charging leads explained (available app with charging locations demonstrated and explained)
  • Charging strategies, pre conditioning charging times
  • Information and display settings
  • Operation modes and controls
  • How to care for an EV - the important differences
  • Practice Drive, consolidating learning
  • Final Feedback and embedding of new techniques
  • Route Planning

Business Driver are constantly looking ahead, updating existing and introducing new programmes in order to provide the most comprehensive and up to the minute fleet risk management available.