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Business Driver is a leading global provider of
Driver & Fleet Risk Management solutions

Employee Audit

Bespoke in-depth assessment and verification of all your drivers’ details and risk status.


Are all of your drivers, experienced, proficient, legally compliant and qualified for appropriate situations?



Business Driver keeps you instantly informed of your drivers' status, verifying qualifications, checking with incident managers and suggesting appropriate interventions

Owner Driver Management

Don’t let your grey fleet become a grey area. Our Owner Driver Management package supplies real-time data on all your drivers with privately owned vehicles, verifying if they are adequately experienced, qualified and legally compliant. You receive timely alerts of imminent MOT, insurance and tax renewals. Our grey fleet training programme instructs drivers in essential vehicle checks helping to ensure that privately owned vehicles are maintained in line with manufacturers’ recommendations, keeping your team safe and legally compliant on the road.

Driver Handbook

A comprehensive Duty at Work Policy is an essential foundation of driver risk management. Business Driver have a tried and tested ‘handbook’ which can be customised to your specific requirements. Should you have your own policy we can incorporate this into our online programme and verify that it is in line with best practice.

We have devised a simple,10 point ‘quiz’ which all drivers complete. This helps to assess driver risk status and ensures your drivers understand and have agreed to comply with your Driving at Work Policy. All your drivers receive this in a PDF format.This demonstrates your compliance and creates an audit trail, mitigating your driver risk.

Pre-Employment Checks

Business Driver deploy online modules to obtain driver background details. Driving licence details are checked instantly with DVLA, via our ISO27001 secure system, highlighting any inconsistencies and prior incidents, enabling you to make informed decisions about your future employees.

Permit to Drive

With driver licence and status assessment checks in place, and each driver e-signed to your Duty of Work Policy, it remains for the Line Manager to confirm that said employees MUST drive for business or work.