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Snow Plough (4WD)

Specialist training for drivers of 4WD vehicles with snow plough accessories fitted for snow and ice clearance.


You have drivers unfamiliar with, or needing a refresher course in, the safe operation and handling of 4WD vehicles fitted with a snow plough


Business Driver's Snow Plough course fully prepares drivers with practical sessions that test driver understanding and vehicle capability

Our Snow Plough (4WD) course assesses and then provides for the risk level and development needs of each driver. Ploughs are amongst the largest and most dangerous accessories that can be fitted to vehicles, therefore safe operation of snow plough equipped vehicles is the key focus.

The course ensures that drivers are fully aware of their vehicle’s capabilities and differences to standard cars/vans, and how to safely operate them both on the public highway and in off-road environments. Driving techniques such as ploughing around obstacles, kerbs etc. are fully explored alongside vital preparation and vehicle maintenance issues.

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